Strategic Edge ◊ 5 Step Search Model


Everest’s 25 years of direct industry experience gives you an edge
Our direct work experience in financial services and private equity has resulted in contacts with hundreds of colleagues and industry candidates, giving you unparalleled access to the industry’s top talent. Utilizing Everest’s solid understanding of the industry and your company’s requirements, advanced recruiting tools, and our extensive proprietary data base gives you the competitive edge in completing your most difficult searches quickly and efficiently. The benefits to you are clear:

◊ Quicker and more efficient completion of your critical searches
◊ Time and resources saved in communicating your requirements
◊ Valuable time is spent only on the top contenders
◊ Increased probability for successful hires

Everest delivers the candidates you ask for and expect to see
Candidates from companies you want to target are not off-limits due to non-competes that large search firms have in place with those companies. Everest works with a select number of clients, so the candidates you want to see are generally NOT off-limits, as they are with the largest search firms. Conversely, top talent is not restricted because they have already been sent to a large client, again, as is often the case with the largest search firms.

Your search is the top priority and focus of a senior recruiter
Everest accepts only in the number of engagements that can be directly completed by senior partners, ensuring your complete personal attention throughout the search process. Searches will never be conducted by junior associates or contractors and you will not be inundated with dozens resumes that don’t hit the mark. Only those top contenders which are worth your time and consideration are presented to you. You receive weekly status reports and personal attention throughout the search process, so you know that the search is on track, your track.

5 Step Search Model, Progress Reports & consistent contact
Everest Search Group’s 5 Step Search Model has a proven track record in expediting successful placements. Skillful handling of all the hiring details, from writing the Job Description to conducting Reference Checks, frees up your time and resources. Bi-weekly Progress Reports and consistent status checks keep you informed during all stages of the process. Just as important, close contact with candidates, maintained throughout the search process and through the start date, ensures your success with candidates you have carefully selected.